Dear clients,

We have upgraded the app to the very latest version in many regions across the globe.

However since the new app version is a complete rewrite, there may be some functional differences and some possible issues.

Please read below if you experience any issues with the app:
– In case your app says it’s in Demo: Check what is your Software ID  by starting the APP , Press Enter or any of the Arrow Keys on Loading Page, go to system settings, Device Info. If different from the one on your TV then please log in to your account , Click on My licences and then manage MAC and put in your NEW Software ID (MAC)

– In case you get black screen when starting the app before the Portal loads:  Uninstall the App from your TV, unplug your TV from Power for 15 minutes, after that please install the app.

Regions that have the very last version of the app:

Americas (South + North + all surronding Islands)
South Africa (excluding Lesotho)
EU Countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Spain, UK + Ireland