SmartSTB and SmartSTB+ app license prices for end users.

App can have a Lite or a Full license.

Price depends on license and duration.
Each license is valid for 1 (one) device. Up to 4 additional devices added as bundle are possible as a paid addon.

Full license includes possibility to add up to 4 additional devices for a total of 5 devices at no extra cost.

Licenses can be monthly (paid each month), yearly (paid each year) or lifetime (paid only once).

We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and Credit/Debit card payments. More information about payments.

App updates are automatic and included in all plans. Are you an TV Provider or Reseller or a business user? Click here for business plans.

Payments are non-refundable!
Please pay for the app only if you are happy with it and you have a Portal to use it with.

You can take an app trial before you pay.

You need to have a Portal (or TV provider) to use the app with.
We do not offer or provide any TV services, streams or playlists!

Your TV portal or playlist subscription for each device is a separate purchase from the app!

Lite License Prices

Smart TV's€6.99
Android TV's, Apple TV€4.99
handheld, tablets, FireTV, Chromecast, iOS€3.99

Full License Prices

Smart TV's€1.99€14.99€24.99€49.99
Android TV's, Apple TV€1.49€14.99€24.99€49.99
handheld, tablets, FireTV, Chromecast, iOS€13.99€24.99€49.99


TrialLite LicenseFull License
Support for Smart TV’s
Major Mobile devices
High end devices support
Fire TV, Chromecast
(for 7 days)
(8 as a paid addon
lifetime lite only)
(for 7 days)
(10k unique entries)
(100k unique entries)
You can change up to 8 Portals from the TV.
Portals can be also changed from our website.

(for 7 days)

(as a paid addon
lifetime lite only)
Bundle (multiscreen) at the same home or with your mobile devices
(4 extra devices as paid addon
lifetime lite only)

(4 extra devices at no extra cost)
License transfers
(as paid addon)

(as paid addon
or unlimited with unlimited plan)
License recovery

(for 7 days)
Help with Portal problems
(for 7 days)

(best effort)

Frequently Asked Questions


To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can’t find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.

Can I have a free Trial before I buy a license?

Yes. Our app starts in Trial mode the first time it is started on your TV. In case you did not used the app you can request a new Trial from our website after 7 days before your last Trial. You can have up to 3 Trials. Please note – app resellers can make more Trials. If you are interrested to become reseller – please check Reseller plans here.

What is the difference between a Lifetime and an Unlimited License?

A Lifetime license is intended to be used on one device during it’s life time with a license transfer to another device as a paid option. An unlimited license is intended to have unlimited transfers to different devices at no extra charge but can be used only on one device at any time.

What is the difference between SmartSTB and SmartSTB+ apps?

The SmartSTB app is our proven and most popular app available on most popular TV and smartphone platforms. The SmartSTB + (Plus) app is an complete rewrite of our app available on devices running Android 9 or newer that is able to connect to Portals directly including Portals in the local network, has improved m3u list support, multiple media players and full touch screen control with support for handheld devices and new Smart TV’s (running Android version 9 or newer). You can bundle devices running SmartSTB + to an SmartSTB licensed device and vise-versa. Also it is possible to transfer a license from SmartSTB to SmartSTB + app on the same device.

* How many license transfers do I have?

Lite or Full app Lifetime license have transfer to a new device only as a paid option.

A full Monthly license has up to 5 license transfers per month.

Full Yearly license you have only 1 (one) transfer allowed per year.

For Unlimited license plan – you have no limits on license transfers however the license can be active only on one device at a time.

If you want to transfer the license to the same TV (device) because of device or license damage – please read the License recovery question.

It is possible to transfer a license from SmartSTB app to a SmartSTB+ app on the same device – please read the License recovery question for more information.

**What is License Recovery?

License recovery is a way to restore your old app license on the same TV or device for cases where the TV got damaged and replaced with the same model or there is a software update or other software bug that caused our app to go back to Demo mode. License recovery option is also allowed if you changed your TV’s OS or want to migrate to SmartSTB + (Plus) app. You can recover your license (except for Trial licenses) by going on our website and selecting License recovery (to the same device) in the License transfer section. Fair usage policy applies.

How many devices can I use with 1 license?
1 Lite license (no matter the platform) is for 1 device only (bundle with 4 additional devices is possible as paid add-on) and transfer is only possible as paid add-on.
1 unlimited or lifetime TV license can be used on up to 4 extra devices allowing total of 5 devices at the same house to use the same portals in the app.
Only the main TV can control the portals on all TV’s.
You will need seperate TV subscription (account) for each device on your Portal.

If you need to use different portals at the same time you will need a separate license for each device.

Do you offer free app version upgrades?
Yes. Our app is cloud based which means it will always start with the very latest stable version for your region every time you start the app.

Do you offer any free trial for new users?

Yes, all  app users can have 7 days free Trial of the Full version of the app. Trial version starts as soon as user agrees to Terms and conditions inside the app. The Trial version is not limited in any way except that it works for 7 calendar days.

Will my services be setup immediately?
Yes, all app activations and upgrades are fully automatic and happen immediately in all regions. Paid licenses are automatically activated upon payment confirmation (usually less than 1 minute after payment is done)
I have a Portal which works in other apps. Will it work on your app?
Most portals work well. Not all portals are fully compatible. Some portal admins or panels may limit/block the app by accident or on purpose. We can help on best effort on getting your portal working with the app and we can’t do this without help from a portal admin or the TV provider. Please check this page for instructions on making your Portal fully compatible with the app.