Oops, this can not be played now, more info: smart-stb.tv/np

Error: Oops, this can not be played now, more info: smart-stb.tv/np

If you get this message when zapping channels it’s most likely

  • This channel is not working at the moment – sometimes it’s possible for some channels not to work and others to work – please contact your IPTV Provider (where you got the Portal URL from)
  • If all channels give out this message, either your IPTV Provider is having problems -or- they are blocking the app. Ask your IPTV Provider to visit smart-stb.tv/unblock for more info and help in unblocking the app.
  • Some providers upgrade their panels with new versions that block the Smart STB app – this is NOT an app problem. We have no control over Portals.
  • Restricted, slow, unstable or unreliable connection between your TV and the IPTV streaming service. Please note – all connections to any streaming services are provided by your Provider and are directly accessed from your TV.  We do not monitor, proxy or control any streaming traffic.

For best app and streaming stability, please connect your TV to the Internet via Wired (LAN/Cable) connection directly to your Internet router. If possible please avoid WiFi, 3G/4G/5G modems, Powerline adapters, sattelite Internet (Starlink works fine) and etc.

We have no control over any streaming service, the TV app always connects directly to any streaming links it receives, we do not proxy any streaming traffic.