Your STB is blocked. Call the provider.

If you get message like:

Your STB is blocked.
Call the provider.

You do not have a subscription to this service provider!
Please contact your IPTV/OTT operator to solve this issue!

This means that your device is blocked by the IPTV provider (this smart TV is not allowed on this portal) 

The message means access to this Portal is not allowed for your TV

We cannot know why your provider blocked or did not allow your access to the Portal you have set but here are possible reasons:


  • First time on the Portal? Provider may have not allowed your TV to use their service, yet. Provider needs to activate access for your app’s Virtual MAC. Shown in RED at the bottom right of the screen.
  • In many cases this is default message when your TV is not allowed to use the Portal you have set. How to change the Portal.
  • Your Virtual MAC changed. 
  • Your Provider has country lock. More info on country lock below.
  • TV is blocked by the Provider of the Portal you have set. Example: due to late/non-payment or abuse.
  • Some Providers may block your Virtual MAC if you (or someone else) uses your Virtual MAC in another app, like STB EMU. 

We have no way of knowing why Provider does block your TV from using the Portal.  Please ask your Provider for help.
We can not unblock your access – any support tickets with such requests will be ignored.


Provider access is not in our control.

It’s best to ask your provider for help and give them the Virtual MAC so they can activate service on their Portals.

In case of country-lock, ask your Provider to set country according to below regions:

USA, Mexico + North America (except Canada) = USA
South America = Brazil
Canada = Canada
Germany = Germany
Italy = Italy
Luxemburg and Russia = Luxemburg
Spain = Spain
Ukraine = Ukraine
Romania = Romania 
Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece = Bulgaria
Oceania area = Australia
Asia-Pacific area = Singapore
South Africa + Lesotho = South Africa
Rest of the world = Germany

We do not offer or operate IPTV access, channels or providers.