How to upgrade and pay for app license?

How to upgrade the app with paid license:


Important note: if you bought the TV from someone else who used the app in the past, you can get a new app trial from inside of the app (at least 3 months after the last time the app was used)

In case you can not login, please check this.

  • Go to our website and click on my profile icon (shown below) and then click on My Licenses.
  • Login to your account if you are not already.
  • Select the app License you want to upgrade to paid license.
Picture above is an example, and not a real device
  • Click on the license plan that you want (Annualy Lite/Annualy/Lifetime Lite/Lifetime button) and follow the on-screen instructions (varies by region).
Picture above is an example, and not a real device

Instructions for update license are showed in the pictures below. Please follow the instructions to upgrade your license.

Select Sign up now.

You must fill the whole form to complete the transfer.

Check all data and choose payment method. Then select Sign up now.

If everything is correct you will recieve this picture below. If you see it then you are transfered your license successful.