Dear clients and partners,


While we strive to provide you with the best possible experience within the app, we can’t guarantee that all providers will work equally well. That being said, please do check if the Demo (Embedded) Portal works along with all functions (Live TV, VOD movies, TV recording, time-shift, etc.) for you.


Despite the limitations of the Smart TV’s platforms we have done a pretty good job of making the app as compatible as possible but it can’t be compatible with all the providers with all kinds of settings. Usually default settings and slightly changed settings work for almost all cases.


Over time providers make changes and sometimes this can cause problems with the app on those specific providers. We have no way of knowing when the changes are made. But we can assure you, if the Demo (Embedded) Portal works well with all it’s functions then the app is perfectly operational.


For example: some provider’s VOD movies stopped working, or some provider’s interactive radio section stopped displaying what song is on the air, etc. If this works in the Demo (Embedded) Portal then there is no problem with the app, so you must check with your Provider.


However, any provider (portal owner, NOT reseller) can contact us regarding the problem and we can advise on solution (on best effort basis).


We reserve the right to refuse support if there is any intentional abuse. And we reserve the right to delay related tickets.


Thank you for understanding and for being a valued app user.


With best regards,


Smart-STB Management.