Extra transfers and multi screen (bundle)

We are introducing some new features for the licenses that we provide.

The first feature is that now all licenses can be transferred to another device, if needed. Until now, only Full licenses had this feature. If you need to transfer the the license to another device, but your license is Lite, don’t worry, now you can buy an Extra Transfer. The extra transfer can be bought from the subscription which you want to transfer. The button from which you can buy this extra transfer will become available only if there are no transfers left (for any kind of license).

The other feature is that now all devices can be bundled. Until now, only mobile devices could be bundled with the main device.

This means that you can use up to 4 additional devices with your main device at your home. For lite licenses this feature will be available as an paid addon very soon.

1 Full app license can be used on up to 4 extra devices allowing total of 5 devices at the same house to use the same portals in the app.
Only the main device (TV, smartphone, tablet) can control the portals on all other devices.
You can add to bundle any supported devices in the same house (TV’s, smartphones, tablets)
Important: you will need separate accounts on your portal(s) for all your devices .

We are also introducing Full Lifetime licenses for Chromecast devices, FireTV devices, mobile Android devices and mobile Apple devices.

And further improvements and new features to come very soon.