Dear clients,


In order for us to provide you with the best and fastest possible support – we are making some changes effective immediately for all support requests.


1. Our support for end-users (clients) is done only via tickets open by the actual registered client. Support requests from different accounts are ignored and tickets will be closed without warning.

(In case you forgot your password, please reset it from here: – if you don’t get any email – check your spam/junk folders)


2. We will not provide any app support outside of tickets for end-users (regular clients using the app) 


3. If your Portal or Playlist is not working correctly and the Demo Portal is working – then again it’s most likely out of our control. 


4. We have no control over Provider’s service. If some providers are experiencing problems – we can’t help. If you are sure the problem is with us, please describe it with details so we can try to help, if possible.


5. We do not use any kind of passwords in the app. This is up with your Provider – ask them for you login and/or parental password.  And we do NOT do any geo-blocking. However – some providers may be doing geo-blocking – we can’t help with bypassing this.


6. Beware of pages and accounts pretending to be giving you support on our behalf. We can’t be held liable for the actions of such pages and/or accoutns.


7. On opening a ticket make sure you describe your issue clearly in English and accurately with details, including the TV”s MAC or Order number. We reserve the rights to close tickets like “app is not working” “app is broken” “app is not starting” etc.


8. One ticket per issue per client – no exceptions. Opening many tickets will not get your issue resolved faster. And it is considered abuse.


9. Always check the FAQ, and the Demo Portal before opening a ticket. If the issue is not present in the Demo Portal then it’s most likely up to your Provider to do the change – not us.


Also we’ll have zero tolerance of fake tickets, fake messages, offensive language and any abuse campains of any forms and types. Service Providers experiencing issues with our app are recommended to reach out to us so we can help, if possible. Telling all their clients to compain to us for everything will not solve the problem(s), if any. And it’s considered serious abuse.


We reserve the rights to close and delete tickets that are not actual support requests or have missing data. Incomplete tickets may introduce delays in support.


This list may update over time as some people find new ways to draw our attention out of the actual clients that really need support.


We are working hard on making the app faster and better for everyone using it. And want to keep our goal on the important things.


Our promise is that if your support request is correct – it will be addressed as soon as possible, typically within the working day.


Thank you for understanding.


Smart-STB Management.