Edit 22:25 CET time: We had some unexpected hardware failire of the UK equipment (Ireland is NOT affected by this) that caused some longer service interruption than planned, however we have put the server back online and completed the maintenance for this region.

Dear clients,

We will be performing some maintenance and infrastructure upgrades across all regions which will last about 15 minutes per region for most regions and up to an hour for large regions (example: Oceania, mainland China, etc.)


Maintenance had started since 21:00 CET time  is expected to complete by 12:00 CET time on 13th of September 2018.


You may get connection problem or authentication problem error while maintenance is going in your area – you just need to exit the app and start it again after a minute. In case you get can not access service, please unplug your modem and/or router from the wall for about a minute and then try again.


This upgrade is a step forward to something new and exciting that we will announce really soon. Sorry for the caused inconvenience and thank you for understanding. In case of issues, please do not hesitate to open a ticket so we can react quickly and help you.


Best regards,

Smart STB management.