Smart STB for Providers, Resellers and Business use.

We offer special plans for use with IPTV Providers, Resellers, as Digital Signage or other Business uses.

Chose your plan carefully that best suits your business needs.

Reseller plans are best suited for use with many Portals and can be used with different Portals on different devices at different times.

Provider licenses are best suited for use with many devices on one single Portal. All devices use the same Portal (and can not change it) and there is API access to manage the devices and do automation.


End users Resellers Providers
Support for Smart TV’s
Major Mobile devices
High end devices support
Fire TV, Chromecast
Custom Portals 8
8 1
(for all devices - CDN allowed, it is possible to have multiple provider licenses for different group of devices)
Bundle (multiscreen)
(up to 4 extra devices with full license or as paid addon for lite license)

(up to 4 extra devices with full license or as paid addon for lite license)

(no limits on how many devices are in one or any location, each device needs it's own license)
Change Portal User can change all 8 Portals from the TV. Portals can be also changed from our website. User and resellers can change all 8 Portals from the TV. Portals can be also changed from our website. Users can not change a Provider Portal from the TV or mobile device. Provider Portals can only be changed by Provider from our website.
Hide Portal URL
Your Portal URL is not visible in the app.
Lock User Portal Changes
Users can not edit, change, disable or see URL of a Provider Portal.
Discounts for quantities
(over 20 lifetime or 40 yearly licenses excluding yearly lite licenses)*

(over 50 licenses)
Billing period Monthly, Yearly, One-off (Lifetime) One-off fee per each license (transfers allowed as paid option, license recovery or transfer to the same device is allowed), Monthly or Yearly fee (limited license transfers allowed at no extra cost, additional transfers can be purchased if needed, lite licenses have transfers only as a paid addon) Monthly or Yearly
(license transfers allowed, fair use)
(for 7 days)


App Trilas
(3 trials per device limit, 7 days apart)

(unlimited 7-day trial per device limit, 7 days apart, fair use)

(unlimited 7-day trial per device, fair use)
Help with Portal problems



Frequently Asked Questions


To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can’t find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.

Can I resell more than one portal?
Yes (resellers only, providers can have one portal per license but can have multiple licenses to have different portals for different groups of devices).
You can have up to 8 portals per each device (resellers, they can be different/unique on every device). Providers can have 1 portal per device (but can be different portals for different device groups, each one needs it’s own license)
Please note that you will need separate account on your portal(s) for each additional bundled device.
Are there any geo-blocks or location limits?
There are no blocks or locations limits from our side.
Please be sure that you are not blocking or limiting our app servers across the world.

Do you offer any free trial for new users?
Yes, all  your app users can have 7 days free Trial of the Full version of the app. Trial version starts as soon as user agrees to Terms and conditions inside the app. The Trial version is not limited in any way except that it works for 7 calendar days.
If you are a Provider you can use your license slots to give trials for your new users only to your portal.
* How much discount will I get for buying many licenses?

You will need to have bought at least 20 lifetime app licenses or 40 yearly app licenses (excluding yearly lite licenses) to get an automatic discount. The discount is automatically included with the next licenses you buy. The more licenses you buy, the more discounts you will automatically get.